About Me

Big foodie trying to incorporate the Low-Carb, Paleo, and sometimes Vegetarian lifestyle into our busy days. I’m married to a Msgt in the USAF 15 yrs now. I’m just a simple person with a large complicated mind. I’m a small town Texas gal currently living in a Phoenix world. I’m not your typical military SAHM (stay at home mom). You won’t catch me at “get-togethers” or expect me to play nice while hosting a home based business… Ain’t got time for that! I have three hell raising military brats. Oh, did I mention that I curse like a sailor would curse if a sailor cursed like I do? Well I do, so if you don’t care for such shit like that than this ain’t for you! I consider myself a wine enthusiast but not an expert; enjoy cooking & experimenting with new recipes. My dishes are either my own recipes or dishes put together from taking pieces off other recipes, so in turn, my own creations. I don’t do measurements, it’s usually all done by eye so I don’t & won’t do step by step how tos. If you find something you like & need further info, drop a comment & I’ll be more than happy to provide. I don’t sugar coat anything, I’m loud, sometimes rude, speak fluent in sarcasm, offensive, unfiltered, and unapologetic! Contrary to believe, I do have a big heart, (black as it may be), and would do anything/everything for my loved ones. I don’t have friends, I merely have people I’ve made my family, and my blood family is of the upmost important of all. I hope you find my page, well, unorthodox and as fun as I hope it to be.
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